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["Kilraag" is pronounced like "killrock"]

This is just a no-frills index to a number of pages I've made that are vaguely linked by being related to the SCA, siege engines, early weapons, and so on. I've decided to go to a sort of "Retro Web" look.

Latest Additions

My Lawn Labyrinth

My nifty red hat project.

Photo Albums - Events and Activities

Síobhan's First Rapier Combat Practise

Síobhan is my wife's persona. This was originally done as a letter to her sister.

Battle for the Bloody Bridge IV - photo album.

Ruantallan Baronial War Camp / Foxworthy 2003

photo album.

Lyndhaven Schola/Warcamp 2004

photo album

Small Brawl at Summer's End - 2004 in Ynys y Gwaed.

photo album.

Shire of Lyndhaven Demo at the Swan Pond, in Sackville, New Brunswick. July 24, 2005

Small Brawl at Summer's End V - 2007 in Ynys y Gwaed.

photo album.



Siege and Missile Combat

thumbnail of Hotspur


My first trebuchet, designed to throw tennis or hockey balls, and to come apart so it could fit in the trunk of a Pontiac Tempest.
(no picture)
Pouches for Hotspur
thumbnail of Little Boy
Little Boy
A quick-and-dirty low-budget trebuchet designed for a contest. The limitation was that it had to be able to fit inside a 2.5 foot cube. Also to fit inside the back of a Ford Taurus station wagon.
Foehammer mini-onager thumbnail
An eight-inch "grape class" onager.
These have great potential for aqueous warfare.
The ACME Desktop Trebuchet®
A 1-foot scale model trebuchet, finally finished and delivered only 10 months behind schedule.

Combat Crossbow

An ongoing project. It shall be cheap and easy to make, using only simple woodworking tools (eg a cordless drill and handsaw) and shall be made out of common materials that are easy to find in most hardware stores. It shall have a pull of about 600 inch-pounds.

(no pic yet)
A bit of trebuchet design theory (don't worry, no calculus)
Ripcord's Trebuchet Stuff
"Trebuchet for beginners, some basic information about how they work, design considerations, nomenclature and other items of interest." The best place to start to learn the theory and practise of designing, constructing, and operating trebuchets
Ron Tom's site, with an excellent discussion forum - the Cat Mess Board
East Kingdom's Siege Engineers
Rules and regulations, photos, the EK Siege Marshallate, events, and newsletters

No Hat Upon His Head
A collection of Period headwear images, links for merchants and patterns. (under construction).
My Great Kilt (some day)
I don't mean that it's fabulous and stupendous – it's just the popular name for a breacan an fheilidh or feileadh m—r, as opposed to the modern (18th century) feileadh beag.
Maille Vest
I started (June 7, 2003) a European 6-in-1 weave maille vest, 5/16" inside diameter rings, 16 gauge galvanised steel. Sort of a short, sleeveless hauberk or byrnie kind of thing just for show. So far, it's more like a placemat. All I've got posted is a description of my coil-winding tools.
Update: No way I'm going to finish this one. It's too heavy and labour-intensive.

Rapier Combat
untaped parrying axe thumbnail

Parrying Axe For Rapier Combat

I'd been watching Pirates of the Caribbean and got a brainstorm.

new fencing doublet New fencing doublet

Heavy Combat

Not much content yet.

Me in Sword 'n' Board gear

Some photos taken at an Ynys y Gwaed fight practise. This is where and when I got the bug. What I'm wearing is loaner Heavy armour over Fencing armour, hence the odd appearance. The white spots are wierd artifacts of the digital camera's flash trying to fill a large space.

Leg Armour project General Armoury Stuff  


That's Not A Knife!
A couple of favourite movie quotes and bits about swordplay, pirates, and medieval-related content.
Armoury Stuff
(under constuction)

External Links
The Crew of the Roisin Dubh,
The SCA household of which I am a member, mundanely based in Moncton, New Brunswick.
The Shire of Lyndhaven
Our shire, covering New Brunswick, Canada
The Shire of Lyndhaven (2)
Old official site for Lyndhaven - no longer updated.
An Crioch Cala
(Under Construction) Our semi-official "Borough" within the Shire of Lyndhaven. It's an experimental thing, preparing to become a future canton or shire.
The Barony of Ruantallan
We like to visit and play with them.
The Canton of Distant Shore
Them too (part of Ruantallan).
The Cantref of Ynys Y Gwaed
Yet another part of Ruantallan

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