Small Brawl At Summer's End II

September 3rd-5th, 2004

Cantref of Ynys Y Gwaed, within the Barony of Ruantallan

(more specifically, at South Granville, P.E.I.)

The high road or the low road?

The Roisin Dubh neighbourhood.


The Captain and Muirghein have new quarters. Yay!
Jonathan points out the salient features to a visitor.



Lady Isa collects a crowd for her Pewter Casting demo

A block of pewter

A mold for a button, carved in soapstone

Melting pewter. Mmmm...shiny.

Fine grooves, to allow air to escape.

Pouring molten pewter into a two-part mold.

Presto! - a site token.

Pouring into a three-part button mold

The button itself (the cone-shaped tip), yet to be clipped off.

Various earlier projects


Big Damn John brought back spoils of war from Pennsic, namely the secret of a new weapons form. Place a tenyss ball into the foot of some wondrously thin hosiery, and place the waistband therof about your head. By dint of twisting and turning (and without the aid of your hands) cause the ball to orbit your head, as the Sun and Moon doth orbit the Earth. Whosoever entangleth and retreats whilst still in possession of his opponent's headwear is judged the victor.

This manner of combat causeth great merriment, in that the combatants reel and stagger, not unlike those poor souls who have eaten bread of mouldy rye. It hath yet no name, but I propose "hosenball".

Onora faces Lord Percival



by Lady Elise ferch Morgan ap Owen (Did I get that right?)

The "Mongol Shoot"

Heavy Combat

Percival, Thorgar, Nick, Luccas, and Big Damn John whacking each other upside the head and stuff.

Nick's new legs - no more jingle-jangle-jingle?

How's that sideboard coming along?

A sallet shootout?

Lori ties one on. (Luccas' russet-finish hip plate)

Rapier Combat

Curses ........ I didn't get any fencing photos. Too busy playing.


Yummy sideboard, version 2.

Saturday's bonfire gets underway early.

Fyltch, Fleese, and Plundeur Ltd. set up a small display of some of their wares.

Little critters ...

... and big critters.

Jacquelle, beading

Lord Thorgar goofing around, wearing the ... uh ... bell (?) from last year's Quest.

"... Oil ... can. Oil ... can!"

We bade adieu to Reanna O'Rose, who is relocating to An Tir on the morrow, for an indefinite length of time.

All of these photos have either been cropped or scaled (typically to 70%). If you would like to have the original, email me - hew*at* - and mention the image filename(s).

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