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Small Brawl At Summer's End V

August 31 to September 3, 2007
on Ynys y Gwaed

Hardly any captions for now, and a few more images need to be rotated, but here they are anyway.
If you would like a copy of the original unaltered 1600x1200 pixel image (typically 600 kB or so), drop me a line, hew/at/northernelectric/polkadot/ca (of course, the /polkadot/ is just a "."

These are all in chronological order, since it was easiest to manage the image files and generate the html that way.

Clicking on any of these thumbnail images will open a new window with a larger version of the image, typically 1000x750 pixels.


Friday morning, and the coals are still hot. Lots of apple tree branches to dispose of.


Archery inspection







The Captain, chatting with Z.

Síobhan, having a few Zs.

Thorgar, announcing the commencement of the "not-so-gentle Art of Heavy Fighting" in 15 minutes.

The NSRAC archery shoot.










Which sword to use for what? Start with the outside ones, and work your way in to the centre.

I think this had something to do with "I miss my Barney!".











Hey, that looks like me, on the left.

It is me!



The concurrent rattan fighting.






Lama-lama Ding-dong?

More of the lovely scenery. (I don't remember taking these.)


The Procession, on horseback, by their Excellencies Lachlan and Janet, for their very first Baronial Court.


















Lord Algernon is the new Northern Shores Regional Archery Champion.






AoA and QoC for Yogi (Huzzah!)














That's just not Cricket!

Oh, wait, it's exactly that.








Sprite (in white fur coat) and Georgie (in black hat).




A class in use of a Flemish bowstring making jig








Oh, that game, Kubb.
(Thanks, Brianna, for the proper name and spelling. That makes it ever so much easier to look up.)






Thorgar's chair, if I'm not mistaken.

The Mongol Archery Shoot, arranged by the Lady Elise
(pssst - Elise: You wanted a bunch of photos for posting to an archery Yahoo!Group? Here ya' go, lots of 'em. Just get my name right in the credits.)
Elise was later quoted as saying:

The archers who participated in the shoot were:

Lord Garion of Ynys y Gawed (who shot left handed all weekend as his other fingers are recovering)
Lady Brianna inghen Douglass
Lord Guthfrith Ygrlingson
Baroness Janet Kempe































One of Lord Garrion's arrows in mid-flight.




Brief pause to watch the horses running.








Another pause to watch Yogi drive by.
























Hedda's class on rushlights, and the like.
(Sorry, this photo was somewhat overexposed, and my repairs left it contrasty.)




More Kubb.



Monday, noonish, all packed up and ready to go home
But wait! lotsa time for a couple more pickup fights.

















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