SCA Demo at the Swan Pond, in Sackville, New Brunswick

Held under the auspices of the Shire of Lyndhaven, on Sunday, July 24, 2005.

It was a beautiful sunny day, but not hot, and the brief rain shower was over an hour or two before it started. Unfortunately, I only had time for a few general shots before my camera batteries gave out and, well, I wanted to start thrashing about with my sword.

We had quite a few of the "Ruantallanted" show up (after a fairly long drive, in most cases) to help fill out our numbers. (Let's hear a Vivant or three, aimed across the border.)

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wide view

A wide view of the site, located by The Swan Pond, at one end of the Mount Allison University campus.

visitors at the demo

A few visitors stopped by to ask about what was going on, watch the fighting, and check out an A&S display.


A modest A&S display, and shelter from the sun.


Going through the albums.

Demetrios and Eric

Kurios Demetrios Kubernao vs. Lord Eric William Morris, called " Capitaine Shippesinker"

Demetrios and Eric

"Fencers centre up!"

three sisters

Lady Siobhan Sutherland (on left, garbed for fencing) , and her two sisters.
Middle: Nancy Schauer, visiting from Illinois.
Right: Ellie Hudson, visiting from South Carolina.

Muirghean and Jonathan

Lady Muirghean Hewitt takes some refreshment while the Captain Lord Jonathan Rankin O'Rose makes an adjustment to her armour.

Eogan and Barnabas

Lord Eogan vs. Lord Barnabus warming up for heavy combat.

Eogan and Barnabas

Lord Eogan vs. Lord Barnabus

Notice the light brown structure in the background ... Bridge Battle!

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