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being a gallery of my modest collection of old radios, complete with enthralling accounts of what I did to some of them.

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Tube Radios

I have re-organised things, and separated the thumbnail gallery into three pages. All of the Northern Electric models are also listed under "Wood" or "Bakelite, Plastic, and Metal" radios. Soon, I might even have a site map.

Northern Electric models, including ten Baby Champs and a couple of Midges

Transistor Radios
A few transistor sets ...

Not Quite Radios    

Acme 65254

added March 1, 2001

Northern Electric Advertisement

from Macleans magazine, April 1951

Philco F10 Speaker

RCA FM Coverage Calculator

added Feb. 23, 2001

RCA Victor 45J2 Phono


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