A Few Transistor Radios

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When I started collecting radios I had this notion that it would be fairly easy to find transistor sets. Such was not the case. All the really cool ones are quite expensive, and there's not as much that you can do for them, as far as restoration goes, when compared to tube radios.

Therefore, this collection is a small one.


Bulova Super 6

Halco 7TR



Nipco HiFi 8

Republic 8 Transistor

Sony TFM-6100W (Photo only)
- uses 9-volt battery
- Purchased for Cdn$12.00 at a flea market near Fort Lawrence, NS, by my wife.

Spica ST-600
Second photo: With leather case

- Manufactured by Sanritsu Elec. Co. Ltd., Japan
- More of a coatpocket radio, approx. 5" wide, 3.25" high and 1.25" deep.
- Takes 4 AA cells.
- Has CD marks.
- eBay purchase

thumbnail of "Westminster AM" radio

Westminster AM

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