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Bulova D100 clock radio

- missing clock knobs (aren't they all?) and the "Bulova" logo at bottom right of speaker grille.
- picture only for now, needs to be shot again in better light.

Hallicrafters S-120 Hallicrafters S-120
Updated Feb 22, 2001
Marconi model 261 Marconi model 261

Mitchell "Lullaby" Bed Lamp-Radio 1250

This is shown upside-down because that's how you would see it if you actually hung it over the headboard of your bed.

Northern Electric
I have a whole page just
for Northern Electric models, wood and plastic.

Baby Champ 5000 "Rainbow"
Baby Champ 5002 "Rainbow"
Baby Champ 5104
Baby Champ 5110 "Rainbow"
Baby Champ 5110 Deluxe
Baby Champ 5200
Baby Champ 5400
Baby Champ 5500

Baby Champ 5700 (blue) coming soon
Baby Champ 5700
(rose) picture only
Midge 5308
Midge 5508
Midge 5708
5404 Panda - turquoise, and brown (thumbnail photos)
5702 Clock Radio

Philco Model 62 Philco Model 62

Philco model 82

small picture only, for now

Philco Transitone model 99
no large photo or page yet
Similar to the US models 50-526 or 51-532, with the "Robbie the Robot" dial face.
RCA Victor "Little Master II" RCA Victor "Little Master II"
RCA Victor "Nipper" (brown) RCA Victor "Nipper" (brown)
RCA Victor "Nipper" (ivory) RCA Victor "Nipper" (ivory)
Sentinal 309-W Sentinal 309-W
updated September 4, 2000
Silvertone model 8005 Silvertone 8005
picture only, for now
Stewart-Warner R-615-X Stewart-Warner
Stromberg-Carlson 561 Stromberg-Carlson 561

Stromberg-Carlson 761

Stromberg-Carlson 1204 (?)

eBay seller's photo only, until I get it cleaned up a bit.

Stromberg-Carlson model 1400H Stromberg-Carlson 1400H
Truetone D2018 "Boomerang" Truetone D2018 "Boomerang"
no details yet - just a picture
Viking 52-36A Viking 52-36A
Westinghouse "Astra" model 578

(Westinghouse) Astra 578


Zenith R514-W clock radio

Zenith T258 Zenith T825

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