Northern Electric Baby Champ model 5002

Made in Montreal, model year 1946-47

Finally, a 5002 with BC and short-wave bands, and it's factory-painted in blue hammertone, instead of the more common bare brown bakelite model. It's a brother to the model 5000, made in the same year.

eBay purchase June 16/2001 for US $82.00 (approx. C $124.95). This photo is edited from the one the seller posted. I haven't actually received it yet.

July 2, 2001
It came today, in pretty good shape. I specifically requested the seller to remove the knobs and wrap them separately, so that the stems would not crack and split. The antenna wire (not an internal loop antenna) had been cut off at some time and the remaining few inches tied to the back panel. According to the RCC Manual data sheet, it's supposed to be 25 feet long. Even so, it picked up one or two AM stations, and the ground wave of several short wave broadcasts from nearby Radio Canada International (ie. near enough to see the towers).

Here's the dial face (removed from the set):

This is an actual size scan (72 dpi), but not of the entire dial face. Usually there is a pronounced lightening of the dark brown where it's exposed by the window in the cabinet. I could hardly see any fading on this one.

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