Acme model 65254

Made in China ca. 1996
for Mercury Instruments Company Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario

Purchased for Cdn$2.99 at the Canadian Tire Store in Amherst, Nova Scotia, on March 1, 2001.

Height: 53 mm (2")

Width: 48 mm (1 15/16")

Depth: 28 mm (15/16")

It resembles a Philco model 70 from 1931, (like this shown on the site) except for the centre black escutcheon that extends to below the tuning knob, and the gold painted decoration around the speaker grille.


left side


Tube complement: none that I can see.

Bands: none

Speaker: internal, appears to be a ceramic permanent magnet type.

Here's the schematic:

Pretty simple, huh? No wonder they're so inexpensive, but I'm told they never did perform very well.

Cosmetically, it's in mint condition, but there is no AC cord nor connections for an external battery, so I can't turn it on. I don't think it's in working condition. All of the knobs are stuck, too.

Okay, so it is a fridge magnet.

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