RCA Victor 45J2


Phono player with automatic changer, for 45 rpm records. I bought this at a flea market in Amherst, Nova Scotia for Cdn$12.00. I don't know the date yet.

The cord would typically plug into a phono jack in the back of some radios. A "Phono/Radio" switch would cut off the demodulated radio signal, and connect the phono audio to the audio amplifer stage of the radio, and play it through the radio's speaker.

I haven't found out if the on/off/volume knob is the original one yet. The turntable does turn, but the tonearm doesn't land in the right place, so I'll have to figure out how to adjust it. I think the slide-switch at the left is supposed to make the tonearm move off, let another disc drop down and play.

March 17, 2001 - Spotted two of these on eBay in the same day. Guess what? Neither of them had the on/off/volume knob at the right. That would also explain the hacksaw marks on end of the shaft where it was shortened. I'll have to figure out the most elegant way to remove the control, and patch the hole somehow.

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