Northern Electric logoNorthern Electric 5116
Northern Electric 5116, front view before restoratrion

made in Montreal, ca. 1947/48

eBay purchase, for US $9.99 (approx. C $15.39). I was the only bidder - I wonder why?

Northern Electric 5116 angled view, before restoration
Five-tube superheterodyne, external antenna
I.F. Amp
2nd Detector, AVC, &1st AF Amp
Output Amp
455 kHz

55-1600 kHz
6-15 MHz


Not the most glamorous of the Northern Electrics. This came out the same year as the Baby Champ 5200, which isn't a stunning design either.

It might clean up nicely, provided I can patch the chip of veneer on the right of the front, and stain it to match. I'm not sure I want to do a complete stripping and refinshing job on the wood.

The broad strip across the bottom is covered in some sort of leather-like material. It's intact, but could use some cleaning.

Cleaning the grille cloth should help too.

July 23/2001: When I visited the Bayhead Radio Museum last Saturday, I spotted one of these on a shelf, and noted that it uses the same kind of knobs as the 5200. I've got a parts-only 5200 with one white knob, so not much help there.

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