Northern Electric model 5004 Radio-Phono



Made in Montreal, Canada 1946-47


Size: H 25.4cm x W 45cm x D 35.5cm (10" x 17 3/4" x 14")

Essentially, the radio portion is a five-tube model 5000 "Baby Champ" in a larger cabinet, with a phonograph on top. The dial and dial pointer are identical, but there is the additional knob for the Radio/Phono switch. Unfortunately, the knobs were missing from this set, which I bought from Johnson's Museum, just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick.

The cabinet is mostly particle board, with a "photo finish" covering. This is paper printed to look like wood veneer laminated to the surface. You can tell it's not real by looking at it with a 10X magnifier, which shows the halftone dot pattern.

(More pictures to follow, after I finish fixing them up in Photoshop.)

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