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Pearson Roller

Pearson Roller

This was made in a pre-cut workshop given by Karl Longbottom at the Dieppe International Kite Festival 2009.

It uses 1/4" carbon fibre tubes (6 @ 24" length) and 0.75 oz ripstop nylon.

Some construction details photos

Bear in mind that the sewing on this kite was a bit hastier than I'm used to.

Leading edge of the lower sail

Top longeron pocket (same as bottom one)

Oops. Some of the stitching is coming apart, on the longeron tunnel.

The white background is a sheet of foamcore board that I put over the right-hand side of the kite to make the outline of the keel stand out better.

Lower end of the bridle, showing the bungee cord. It pulls the bridle line shorter by about two inches. When stretched out, the distance between the knots is about six inches. It acts as a shock absorber when the wind is gusty.

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link to KPB files go here

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