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Ohashi (Variant)/Poster Kite - for Performers' Company

Ohashi with Performers' Company logo

Construction completed August 30, 2011, flight-tested August 31. This was built to be donated to The Performers' Company for a fund-raising auction, and the exclamation mark is part of their logo.

size: 2' x 3' (61 cm x 91 cm)
fabric: 0.75 oz ripstop nylon - Kite Studio Black and Challenge Hot Green.
spine: 3/16" (4.8 mm) diameter pultruded carbon fiber tube
spars: 1/8" (3.2 mm) diameter solid fiberglass

I just "winged it" when I chose the frame materials and dimensions. They seem to be okay.

back side, in flight Rear view, just as it was settling to the ground when the wind died down. It will fly in winds from 7 to 16 km/h (as measured on the ground), but I haven't had the opportunity to fly it in stronger winds. In 5-6 km/h wind, it is difficult to launch, unless you can "pump it up" from a long launch into stronger wind. The spar bow lines are adjustable, using small bead tensioners from Kite Studio.
(medium-sized photo)

I got best results with 3" of bow on the front tension line, and 3-4" on the rear. That's very scientifically measured with "the width of four fingers" or of "four fingers and a thumb".

It worked with a tail, too. This was about 40 feet of fluorescent green surveyors' flagging tape. It's cheap, bright, and light.
(medium-sized photo)

More construction details to come.

For info on a "proper" Ohashi (as designed by Eiji Ohashi), see the article "Ohashi's No-Bridle Kites" at

"Long launch": That's where you reel out 100 feet or more of flying line along the ground (downwind), and lean the kite against a convenient object, or just lean it back against the tension of an anchored line. Then you go back to the line winder or anchor point and pull on the line when it feels like the wind is picking up. The kite will climb a bit, and if it finds stronger wind higher up it will take off in an arc to the full height. main index < kites<