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My Sewing Machines and stuff

Kenmore flatbed portable - no pix yet

Kenmore freearm portable - no pix yet

White model 764

Made in Toronto

I was keeping an eye out for a table for the Kenmore flatbed, and came across this in the Salvation Army Thrift store. It had just come in that morning. I could not resist the look of it, so we forked over Cdn$20.00 and took it home. It's a good thing that we were driving the van at the time.

White sewing machine

I haven't actually tried it out on ripstop nylon yet, but it seems to have been well cared for, not a scratch on it. Best of all, it came with the original manuals, so I'll know how to oil it properly. It may need a new drive belt, because it's easy to stop it by grabbing the wheel. The rubber feet on the bottom of the pedal are gone, and it looks like there was supposed to be a rubber pad on the top of the pedal too.

The only feature it's obviously missing is a three-step zigzag, which I prefer for hemming and edge binding. main index< John Rose's Kites and Kite-borne Objects <