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Brazilian Fighter Kite - RCAF theme

Posed for photo

text to come later .

click thumbnails to get larger image, typically 800x600 pixels.

RCAF Roundel Royal Canadian Air Force roundel, since 1965.

RCAF Brazilian template (medium size image)

closeup of the loop for the spreader and spine (medium size image)

Taped up to dry after washing off glue (medium size image)

temporary glue spots, prior to sewing the white to the blue (medium size image)

closeup of applique showing red fabric placed  on the bias (medium size image)

posed for the first photo June 19, 2011. Ready to try out. (medium size image)

ground interference Ground interference, at the Dixon Island Marsh hayfield flight research facility. (medium size image)

Yes, it flies 2nd flight at Mt. A University's soccer field. It's hard to see the camera's LCD screen in bright light, so it's hard to zoom in to aim the camera and fly the kite at the same time. (medium size image) main index < kites<